What to know about Postural Dysfunctions at Source Physical Therapy and Wellness in Falls Church, VA

OVERVIEW OF POSTURAL DYSFUNCTION Postural dysfunction is also referred to as “poor posture.” An individual has postural dysfunction when he or she positions the spine in wrong positions, for example, protruding the head and rounding the shoulders. This stresses the vertebrae and

Learning more about Musculoskeletal Disorder at Source Physical Therapy and Wellness in Arlington, VA

Musculoskeletal disorders are a group of medical diseases that affect the skeletal muscle system, including joints, tendons, and ligaments, these disorders can affect anyone, but are usually linked to work and is considered as an occupational disease. The frequently affected areas are

Upper Extremity Post-Operative Rehabilitation at Source Physical Therapy, Arlington VA

Our expert physical therapists at Source PT in Arlington, VA, perform upper extremity post-operative rehabilitation for patients that had undergone reconstructive surgeries. There are three main causes of upper extremity disease that may require surgery: The trauma: whether it is a fall,

Where Does Pain Come From?

There are several causes of pain, and they can be related to the mind, the body or caused by general stress. We live in a stressful world, and the most common causes of pain are: 1) Strain associated with day to day

What to Avoid?

We pride ourselves in quality and commitment towards our patients. You want to avoid facilities that are run like factories and take their time to schedule you or treat you the right way. You also want to avoid facilities with outdated equipment